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Use topically on sore areas and muscles. Gently massage onto affected area.

External Use Only

*TIP - for added relief you can rub a few drops of our cbd oil onto the affected area and then apply the releif cream over it.

Use as a daily moisturizer.

Gently massage onto the face morning and night.

Use in the evening before bed.

Use 3-4 times a week.

Due to the retinol in this cream use caution in the sun.

Heading 2

Product Directions

Use daily. This is an instant coffee that can be used alone or added to your regualar coffee.

Adjust to your taste.

Mix in with your normal coffee.

Each packet contains several servings. Adjust to your tastes.

Use whenever you take a bath.

TIP: Product can be broken into smaller pieces and used in the tub or a foot bath.

Our oils have more detailed instructions.

Please click this link

Tip: You can rub directly on the skin for any area that might be irritated.

Our Pet oil has more detailed instructions. Please click this link.

TIP: You can put some oil directly on a treat

Spray 3-6 sprays on the inside of your cheek.

Use as needed.

*Sleep should just be used before bed

*Trim 365 should be used 15 minutes prior to each meal

For  some serious ZZZ's use a combo of our sleep spray and our CBD oils...we will have you sleeping like a baby!

With our gummies we recommend the same low and slow plan as our oils.  Start with 1/2 or 1/4 of a gummie and work your way up to 1 gummie in the morning and 1 in the evening. 

If you have an achy spot on your body, knock it out with a 1...2 punch by combining our CBD oil and Relief cream.  Just rub a few drops of oil directly on the area that is giving you trouble and then rub some of our relief cream over it!

If you are under the care of a Dr. we recommend checking with them before using our products.